What the OCD is all about

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In case you need to heal the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you should know that the only system to make it, should be to erase its cause. The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder that creates intrusive thoughts in the brain of the person and in lots of cases, there are furthermore, compulsive acts. The reason of the disorder is unknown, but some psychologists say that it's a combination of personality and strong traumatic mental events. This is very important due to to delete the deepest cause is the best system to know how to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The aspects that should be responsible of the cause of the OCD are the education received, the high degree of protection in the education received by the patient's parents. It can exist too as a consequence of the existence of childhood traumas, and things like that. One of the factors that can create the disorder can be the pressure of the work. Now I'm going to talk about some cases of compulsive acts. Some rituals are:

Cleaning their body one time after another.

The checking that the windows are properly closed and other kinds of checkings.

To order the objects in a particular position.

To do some mental repetitions relating to think about numbers or words.

Most of the cures are not as helpful as one might desire and it is due to the reality than a lot of therapies, as well as behavioral treatments, frequently are not able to cure the anxiety. This is a consequence of the fact than most treatments can't to erase the cause of obsessive acts. If we desire to know how to cure the OCD we have to keep in mind that you need erase the cause. The only treatments that are highly powerful in the cure the problem are the psychoanalysis and the meditation. They are treatments than fixes the deep part of the mind, and once that is completely fixed, the OCD is cured.

 Let's see the psychoanalysis. It is created by the wise doctor Sigmund Freud, and partially modified by Carl Jung. It`s good to cure the OCD because the therapy makes the unconscious feelings to be integrated. We know than therefore they no more are are reinforcing the obsessive thoughts, and that makes the cure to get real. The problem is that it's a slow therapy, because it is needed a very high number of sessions to be posible to make possible the obsessive thoughts to begin to cure. It could make expensive to cure the obsessions using psychoanalysis.

In the objective of achieving the cure the OCD is for example the BioNeuroEmotion. We can consider it a discipline created by the psychologist Enric Corbera. It's a system than studies the impact of our ancestors in our life, and one of its points is the study of the genealogical ancestors.

 The truth is than the most habitual cases of compulsive are habits like cleaning one's hands repeatedly, to check than the windows are closed properly, and to move some objects of the room in a certain disposition. It's also frequent to clean the floor several times. It's done to try to keep the home very cleaned and free of bacterias. The persons know than these rituals are not normal but they can't avoid to do that kind of compulsive acts. If they don't repeat the rituals they begin to experience high levels of anxiety. In those cases, the only system to stop it is to be repeating the compulsive acts. The cognitive treatments help to dicrease those feelings. Despite it, most times it doesn't heal the compulsive acts.

Most persons with the problem are not diagnosed and that's why they can't even search for help. They are conscious that they do things than are not normal but they usually don't fully understand the reason why, and what's the process to forget about the rituals. As you probably may know this is something very disappointing from the emotional point of view due to the fact than the. These guys are suffering and they don't tell to other people because deep down they are quite afraid of being crazy. If you are a friend of a person who you suspect than can being suffer this disease, the best thing you may make consists of talking with that person and to talk about this disorder and about the need of looking for psychological treatment. It's also very important to express him your advise and. It's necessary to say to him than he's not helplessness. That can be tremendously.